Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nancy Pelosi call RightWingers Naxi's

Nancy Pelosi recently invoked the grim specter of political violence, arguing that today’s angry political climate could cause people to cross the line from heated talk to dangerous actions.

Maybe she was referring to the Leftwing Anarchist rioting in Pittsburgh against Obama and the G20 Summit being tear gassed yesterday

This is the latest example of the liberals violent nature


  1. Pelosi is an inflammatory speaker from way back. If she used her ivy league education for anything besides pushing Berkeley socialism, she'd probably realize that in the political full-circle, she and her socialist buddies are much closer to Nazis than anyone on the conservative right. But half their existence is committed to focus-shifting and knee-jerking so she probably didn't notice lol.

  2. They're just waiting with bated breath for some act of rightwing violence