Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Prediction:

I watched them all at the UN.
I watched Obama, Quadffi, Achmedinijad and Chavez; The Quartet of Fascism.

I also watched Benjamin Netenyahu, I listened him say "Have you no decency, have you no shame?"
And he was the ONLY one that impressed me.
I watched the Press Conference today with Obama and Sarcozy. The world stage is being set.

Between now and the end of the year, Israel will take Iran, and all bets are off. The shit will hit the fan.......
It is a sad day when the French look stronger than America. Sarkozy and Netanyahu seem to be the only sane ones and the ones show real leadership. Obama was the court jester at the UN. He looked weak. Even Chavez is making fun of Obama at every turn.
It's a crying shame when the French president has more guts and more sense than our own. My God what have we become?.
Is Obama purposely making America weak so that Russia becomes the super power in the word. He is not John Kennedy, who finally stood strong against the Communist. It seems Obama is paving the way for Radicals and Communists to have control of the World

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